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Do I need to leave during treatment?

We would recommend you leave during any internal treatments for two hours after treatment. If we are treating outside only you can stay inside until the product we are applying is dry. For most termite treatments you can stay inside while we are treating. If you have wooden floors we would recommend you leave while treatment is carried out. For more information regarding individual circumstances please phone our office.

I am buying a new home. What sort of inspection do you recommend?

When buying a new home in inspection to the A/S 3449.3 is required? This reports on Termites, Wood Rot, Borers and Fungi.

I am getting my carpets cleaned. When should I spray for fleas?

We would recommend to have your carpets cleaned before we treat.

What do I need to do before flea treatment?

We recommend that you vacuum all carpets before treatment and dispose of the vacuum bag. Move any small furniture away from the walls so we are able to treat behind these areas.

Is flea treatment safe for my family and my pets?

We would recommend occupants and pets to be away from the home while we are treating and for two hours after. Once the product we have applied has dried it is completely safe. If we are treating outside only, you and your pets are able to stay inside until the product has dried.

How long will spider treatment last?

We offer a three month service agreement. This means we will return if you have any further spider problems during the three months.

How often do I need to have spider treatments carried out?

Most customers get this treatment done every 12 months. If there is a large amount of vegetation around the home, it would be recommended to have treatment every 6 months.

How long will Black Ant treatment last?

We give you a two month re-treatment service on ants. Unfortunately there is no guarantee after this time due to nature of ants and nests can be on neighbouring properties. This will greatly reduce the problem to a manageable level.

Will my pets be affected by the bait placed to attract rats and mice?

No we place baits in areas where your pets can not access them. If we need we will use lockable stations outside. If one of your pets eats a dead rat or mouse there is no secondary poisoning.

I am unable to empty my cupboards for a cockroach treatment, what can I do?

We can still treat using a Gel. This is quite effective but if you have a large population of cockroaches it may not control the whole infestation.

Do I need to empty my cupboards before a cockroach treatment?

If you have cockroaches in your kitchen area we would recommend cupboard to be emptied and cleaned before we treat. Once the product is dry it is completely safe to return items to the cupboards.

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